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Welcome to the APMG Cyber Essentials assessment platform

Cyber Essentials basic certification for only £300+VAT

Achieving Cyber Essentials certification has never been easier than it is with APMG. Whether you’re bidding for a contract or looking to protect your customers’ data, our assessment platform allows all companies to apply for their Cyber Essentials certificate in an easy, user-friendly environment.

Within the platform is a section containing 40 questions concerning your IT systems’ procedures and policies, which can be seen upon registering for free. The answers you give to these questions determine the outcome of your certification.

Who completes the application? The application can be completed by any staff at your organisation and you can add unlimited contacts to your application to assist at various points. For example, a typical application might look something like this:

  • Administrator registers the company details
  • Administrator adds: IT technician and Senior Manager to their organisation
  • IT technician logs in and completes the questionnaire
  • Senior Management signs off the application
  • Administrator pays the FIXED application fee of £300 (+Vat)
  • The application is sent to the assessor(s)
  • All parties are notified by email if they have passed, which includes a link to their certificate.
It's quick
Using our platform we’ve had companies certified within an hour, we think this truly reflects the platform’s efficiency.

It's easy
You will be guided through the entire process from start to finish. We’ve provided you with a user guide if you happen to struggle, and if you’re still having trouble you can always email us at cyberessentials@apmgroup.co.uk and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

It's unique
No other system or platform allows the entire process to be completed from start to finish. You can complete your assessment at your own pace, get help along the way and only pay when you are ready to submit your application. Once you are certified, you will receive your e-certificate instantly.

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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is the standard level of certification - it is awarded upon completing a verified self-assessment. An organisation certified in Cyber Essentials can be confident that its basic cyber security controls have been implemented correctly. This level of Cyber Essentials certification is a low cost option for organisations of any size that seek basic cyber security assurance.

Key features
  • Provides your organisation with assurance that its basic cyber security controls have been implemented correctly
  • Your organisation completes a self-assessment against Government Cyber Essentials Requirements
  • Completed self-assessment is verified by independent Certification Body to confirm controls standards have been met

Cyber Essentials PLUS

Cyber Essentials PLUS is an advanced level certification building upon the foundations laid by the basic Cyber Essentials certification. Cyber Essentials PLUS certification provides a more concrete assessment of whether an organisation’s controls are sufficient to protect against a variety of internet-based cyber security threats. Standard Cyber Essentials certification is required to apply for Cyber Essentials PLUS.

Key features
  • An intensive independent assessment of your organisation’s implemented cyber security controls
  • Independent Certification Body confirms that your organisation is prepared to defend against internet-based threats
  • Provides high-level assurance of cyber security preparedness through use of processes such as vulnerability testing and cyber-attack scenarios